FLPP is a house financing liquidity facility support for MBR participants managed by BP TAPERA.

  • 5% fixed interest rate during KPR period includes life insurance, fire and credit insurance premium.
  • KPR instalment up to 20 years.
  • Down payment starts from 1%.
  • Free VAT.
  1. Indonesian Citizen
  2. Never get any subsidy nor house financing assistance by government in a form of KPR or credit/financing for self-supporting housing construction.
  3. Singles individuals or married couples.
  4. Do not have any house
  5. Having fixed or non-fixed income which equals or lesser than maximum income limit of IDR. 8 million per month, in accordance with the Minister of PUPR’s Decree No. 242/KPTS/M/2020.
  1. Download SIKASEP Application via Google Play Store.
  2. Register on SISASEP application.
  3. Specify the house and Channelling Bank via IKASEP application.
  4. Prepare the required FLPP KPR application documents by the Channelling Bank:
    1. House Order Form by developer which at least contains the house selling price and address.
    2. Copy of electronic Identity Card or ID card’s receipt.
    3. Copy of Family Card.
    4. Copy of marriage certificate for married couples.
    5. Copy of Tax Registration Number (NPWP)
    6. Copy of annual personal income tax’s notification letter.
    7. Applicant's statement.
    8. Salary slip legalized by authorized officer for applicants with fixed income, or income statement letter signed by the applicant and acknowledged by the Village Head/Lurah for those who do not have any fixed income.

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