• Mobilization of Tapera Funds is an activity of Participant’s funds collection which consists of Workers and Independent Workers.
  • The collected funds will be administered by Custodian Bank
  • Tapera's source of funds are derived from Participant's deposits and other sources.
  • Fund management is aimed to increase the Participant’s value of Tapera Fund.
  • Tapera Funds are managed and invested by Custodian Banks and Investment Managers supervised by OJK and BP Tapera.
  • Tapera funds are invested in bank deposits, government bonds/ sukuk, regional bonds/sukuk, securities in housing and residential areas, as well as other safe and profitable forms of investment in accordance with the mandate of Tapera Law.
  • Tapera funds are managed under conventional and sharia principles according to participant’s choice.
  • The participants will receive all savings benefits plus result of funds management by end of membership period.
  • The participants classified as low-income community and meet the eligibility requirements are entitled to get housing financial benefits.
  • Housing finance benefits for MBR Participants consist of :
    a. Home Ownership Loan (KPR)*
    b. Home Construction Loan (KBR)*
    c. Home Renovation Loan (KRR)*

    *For first house only

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